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Two words: Geocentric Advertising. What is it? The best way to demonstrate that is to show the difference between a geocentric advertising model and the more popular banner ad rotation that is used by most web sites who market advertising.

When you sign up with a quality banner rotation, you can pay anywhere from 30 dollars to a 100 dollars per thousand ads depending on the site's popularity. Your banner ad is then displayed a thousand times to random users of that web site. Usually you'll find that you get about 10 - 15% of those people click on your banner and visit your web site, or go to a page that tells about your business or product. This is a very widely used advertising model, and it's the driving money force behind many popular web sites, such as Yahoo.

In the realm of geocentric advertising though, you step into a completely different advertising model; one that is targeted very precisely. It works like this - say that you have a seafood restaurant in Las Vegas. Unless you specify that you would like to be in a regular ad rotation, your ad will only be shown when one of our users is looking for restaurants and zooms the map down onto Las Vegas. That way we show the user right off the bat what they might be looking for, and you get a much higher amount of click throughs on your banner, because none of your thousand ad views are wasted on users who might be looking for something else.

Of course we realize that not every business looking to play out it's advertising dollar on the internet feels that they could benefit from the geocentric way of doing things. Think about this, though: everyone in your target audience has to live somewhere. If you're selling cheap cellular phone service, then you might benfit from having your banners shown only to people in a metropolitan area, where cell phones are in more abundant use. If you sell books on line, you might benefit from having your banner shown to the areas where you have a large customer base.

The possibilities are endless, and they come at a fraction of the price, or burn through rate of most banner rotations. Please have a look at some of the statistics on our stats page for more information. We feel that the numbers speak for themselves.


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