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The following projects are under development. They are provided here for your review and comments as they are being developed. If you have suggestions or comments about these upcoming utilities, please e-mail webmaster@i-maps.com.
The Table Rock Lake Area Guide
The City of Branson, Missouri was most generous in allowing us to include their high-resolution GIS data into one of our mapping utilities. This local area guide will feature a 5-foot digital elevation model (DEM) with 2-foot contours, and a 1-foot resolution mosaiced air photo as optional backdrops for areas inside the city of Branson. Other data on this utility shall include building and parking lot outlines, parcel property information, and a comprehensive list of both topographic and manmade features. This utility will also showcase the ability for area business owners to add their business information and business location to the online application. Once their business has been added to the map, the application may then serve up highly targeted, location-based banner advertising to anyone looking for more information about featured Branson/Table Rock Lake area businesses. This is absolutely the best map of the Branson area you will find anywhere on the internet!

The I-Maps Outdoor Adventure Guide
This ongoing project involves the development of a search engine for topographic features and outdoor related businesses in the United States. The topographic feature names are grouped by state, watershed, and feature type (summit, cave, spring, etc.). The watersheds are based on the US Geological Survey's Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) cataloging units. The topographic names are derived from the US Geological Survey's Geographic Names Information System (GNIS). The map features an elevation color-coded shaded relief image of the US. The image is based on a 1:250,000 scale digital elevation model made at 100 meter postings. The search engine will form the base for a variety of map utilities featuring outdoor recreation themes related to adventure travel, adventure sports, hunting, fishing, Earth science, and ecotourism. The Sportsman's Interactive (TheSI.com) will be the first web site to feature this utility. TheSI.com is currently developing content that will link to a variety of hunting and fishing overlays. Other projects based on this mapping technology are in the works for The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA). Stay tuned!

The Great Smoky Mountains Adventure Guide
One of our former GIS technicians recently graduated from college and decided to move to the Great Smokies, where he could take up his life-long passion of kayaking. Before he left, he managed to process enough data and create a detailed 30-meter elevation model for us to use to put together an area guide for this beautiful region of the country. We hope to be adding additional information to this map in the near future.

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