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The three links below launch examples of our single point pop-up map. The map may be sized and colored by parameters set in the map link url. We can provide you with a small script that will allow you to easily add the pop-up locator map to any web page. You will only need to provide the name, latitude, and longitude of the feature you want the map to display.

The Ritz-Carlton New York Central Park

Los Angeles - Days Inn Downtown

Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego

The link below launches an example of a pop-up map utility that features a two stage control panel. The first control panel is a four button panel that provides basic map controls. The "full search" button will load the second control panel. This advanced control panel features a more robust set of controls that allow you to select hotels directly from the map after pressing the "select" button. Upon hotel selection, you may press the "info" button to get more information on the selected hotel and link to a reservation service.

New York - Waldorf Astoria

Our pop-up maps may be modified with custom buttons and functions upon request. Additional parameters may be included in the map links to allow further control over the content and look of the maps.

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