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The I-Maps Outdoor Adventure Guide is an interactive topographic map of the United States that allows users to locate topographic features such as mountains, canyons, lakes, waterfalls, caves, and cliffs. The ground surface is displayed as a 3D image that is shaded to show the hills and valleys and colored to indicate ranges of elevation. The image pixels represent ground elevations measured at 100 meter spacings. The image is overlain by lines and labels showing states, river basins, parks, roads, topographic points and other features.

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Interactive lists on each side of the map provide hyperlinks to topographic features and outdoor related services that are shown on the map. Different features are listed at various map levels. The map initially displays states, then watersheds and cities, and then topographic features and business locations. As you zoom in on the map, each list is shortened to match the displayed features.

Users may explore geographic areas for particular features by first selecting a state from the map or the list. You may then pick a watershed from the map or the list. The map will zoom to the selected watershed and generate a list of topographic features and businesses that occur in that watershed. You may select a feature from the list or zoom in on the map to see the feature markers and business markers. The topographic features are marked by triangles and businesses are marked by circles. If you pick a topographic feature, the map will zoom to that feature and label it. If you pick the "map" link under a business name, the map will zoom to that business and label it. If you pick the "info" link under a business name, it will pop up a window with information and related links to that business.

The map utility also displays targeted banner ads that relate to the map. As you zoom in on an area, the banner space above the map will display ads related to travel and outdoor services in the area you are exploring. If you click on a banner ad, the map will zoom to that business and label it. After the location is plotted on the map, the info page window for the business will open. See the I-Maps Advertising Page for more information on I-Maps geotargeted advertising.

Additional data may be added to this map utility to provide a variety of information related to adventure travel, adventure sports, hunting, fishing, Earth science, and ecotourism.   A good example of this would be our integration of The Quality Deer Management Association's Whitetail Map Guide which shows deer populations throughout the US, or, our integration of the USGS Realtime Streamflow Stations into The Outdoor Adventure Guide.

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