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I-Map Data Systems provides online mapping services via the I-Maps Internet Map Server. The I-Maps server allows clients and web affiliates to gain GIS capabilities through distributed client/server computing over the Internet. This allows clients to include GIS capabilities in their web sites without investing in the development and maintenance of their own GIS systems.

USA Interactive Street Map
The I-Maps map utilities are all based on an interactive street map of the United States. The street layer is based on the most current US Census Bureau TIGER data for the United States. The interactive maps allow USA geography to viewed at national to local street levels.

The street map may be combined with additional map layers and incorporated into specialized GIS utilities. The utilities may be custom programmed to locate and display information about features shown on the individual map layers. Interfaces may be developed to geographically query map features and display information within interactive lists and tables. Web pages may be linked to map location markers or to feature names displayed within lists or tables. Location markers with hyperlinks may be set for business locations, project locations, or other sites of interest.

Custom Applications
I-Map Data Systems has an extensive background in developing GIS applications for science and engineering. Our expertise in generating environmental data is the engine behind the map data you see on our online utilities. We can provide topographic shaded relief maps, color-coded digital elevation models, digital aerial photography, classified satellite images, etc. We can blend map layers and information related to geology, biology, hydrology, demographics, land ownership, municipal infrastructure, zoning, etc. I-Map Data Systems can apply these types of data to online mapping applications for outdoor recreation, environmental education, real estate, or the dissemination of any type of public or private geospatial information.

Custom Interfaces
The I-Maps server may be programmed to provide clients with custom maps and controls for GIS data viewing and analysis. Applications may be developed to simply display maps and information or to perform specific processing and analysis tasks. Interactive controls and functions may be tailored to specific projects or data sets. Client side Java Script and ActiveX controls may be employed to enhance client/server interaction and processing capabilities.

Web Site Integration
Clients may embed maps and controls generated by the I-Maps server as pages or as frame sets in their web site. This allows clients to include mapping utilities in their web site even though their web site resides on another Internet server. Controls, colors, line types, etc. may be specified to conform to the client’s web page layout and color schemes. The maps and controls may also be sized to fit in frames with specific dimensions. Check out our Demos page for various examples of alternative map interfaces or visit our affiliate's web sites to see our services in action.

Please contact us at 417-866-6400 for development and hosting of commercial mapping utilities. For the development of science and engineering applications, ask for Mark Phillips.


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