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I-Map Data Systems began in January of 1996 when founders Mark Phillips and Bill Isenberger began working together to apply GIS technology to civil engineering and land planning projects. As the Internet expanded into public use through the late 1990's, emerging techniques for Internet programming soon led to the synthesis of the Internet and GIS technology. This period of evolving ideas and technology set the stage for the future of I-Map Data Systems.

In the fall of 1996, I-Map Data Systems began discussing the possibility of developing interactive maps for an online travel service developed by TravelNow Network, Inc. During this time, TravelNow was racing ahead of the Internet travel industry by providing real-time hotel rate information and automated reservations on the Internet. In the winter of 1997, I-Map Data Systems formed an alliance with TravelNow.com to build an interactive map of the United States that would display hotel location markers with hyperlinks to TravelNow’s hotel information pages. By July of 1998, TravelNow and I-Maps had developed the internet's first travel site that combined real-time hotel room availability, pricing, and reservations with the added ability to select hotels from an interactive map. Through TravelNow’s affiliate program, I-Map Data Systems provided the interactive hotel location maps to hundreds of travel related web sites.

I-Map Data Systems is continuing to develop new mapping utilities for outdoor adventure, metropolitan dining and entertainment, county and municipal information, and science education. We hope you will enjoy our mapping utilities and share our adventure into the new millennium.


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