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GIS Programming
I-Map Data Systems develops custom GIS applications using Visual Basic and a variety of Dynamic Link Libraries and ActiveX controls. Programming that integrates Visual Basic, HTML, Javascript, Active Server Pagers, and Cascading Style Sheets is implemented to provide applications on the I-Maps Internet Map Server. I-Map Data Systems also develops Avenue scripts and extensions for ESRI’s ArcView software.

Programming services are provided to develop graphical user interfaces with specific combinations of GIS functions. Custom functions may be developed to automate the end user's specific tasks or automate the execution of routine analyses that involve repeated steps and procedures. Custom dialog boxes and database entry forms may be developed for easy access and editing of map feature attributes.

GIS utilities may be developed as ActiveX controls for use in HTML documents or in software that is compliant with Microsoft’s component object model. Complete GIS applications may be developed as ActiveX documents for distribution on the Internet or corporate intranets.

Other software applications may be linked to GIS applications to provide automated input, analysis, and display of information. ArcView applications may be programmed to communicate with Microsoft Windows based software through Dynamic Data Exchange functions.

I-Map Data Systems provides hardware and software integration services for the development of complete Geographic Information Systems. Computer hardware may be configured to develop a geographic information system with integrated components for data capture and input, mass storage, multiple platform networking, and hardcopy output. Peripheral hardware may include equipment such as GIS data collectors, digital cameras, scanners, file servers, printers, or other devices. Operating systems and software may be installed and customized as required. Training in the use GIS hardware and software may be provided as needed.


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