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I-Map Data Systems provides GIS analysis services that may be applied to a variety of subjects involving spatial data. I-Map Data Systems specializes in GIS analysis for science and engineering, but the same techniques may be applied to business geographics, marketing and demographic studies, routing studies, or any type of study involving spatially distributed data.

Our areas of expertise include environmental and civil engineering, hydrogeology, archaeology, and land planning. I-Map Data Systems has applied GIS development and data analysis to projects involving zoning, parkway design, street inventories, municipal water systems, sewer design, groundwater resources assessment, groundwater flow analysis, environmental site monitoring, landfill site selection, archaeological site inventory and analysis, temporal land ownership studies, and 3D digital modeling of historic sites.

A multitude of GIS processing functions and techniques exist and various combinations may be used to manipulate and reveal information held in spatial data. Results of spatial data manipulations and calculations may be expressed as new map layers with new features and new associated attributes. Various techniques may be applied to classify map features, discover relationships between spatially distributed data, provide statistical and geostatistical analysis of spatial data, and pre-process data for automated input into computer models. Results of GIS data analysis and computer modeling studies may be expressed as new thematic maps and graphs for data visualization and assessment. Comprehensive reports, including GIS metadata, may be provided to explain data processing methods and the results of GIS analyses.


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