Precision Mapping and 3D Surface Modeling With Close Range Photogrammetry

I-Map Data Systems provides the following surveying and mapping services using drone photography, RTK GPS surveying, and 3D surface modeling.

3D Interactive Display

The interface below allows 3D interactive viewing of the above surface model.   Your browser and computer graphics card must be capable of rendering with WebGL for the interactive display to be fully enabled.   After the model is fully loaded, you may click the full screen icon in the lower right corner of the view to go full screen.   A high end graphics card will provide a highly responsive full screen display.  

3D Archeological Models

Applications for archeological site development and 3D modeling can be viewed on Bill Isenbeger's Sketchfab page at: bisenberger at Sketchfab.

Contact Mark Phillips at 417-866-6400 for more information.