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Digital Mapping
I-Map Data Systems develops digital map data through field mapping, conversion of paper maps, and digital image processing. Data acquired from a variety of government and private sources may be combined with custom data developed by I-Map Data Systems.

Field mapping is accomplished with electronic land surveying equipment or satellite global positioning system (GPS) technology. I-Map Data Systems continuously upgrades its electronic land surveying and satellite global positioning system (GPS) equipment to provide state-of-the-art data collection services.

Digital map data may also be produced from paper maps. Paper maps are converted to electronic form through high accuracy digitizing or through scanning and automated conversion.

I-Map Data Systems also provides services for incorporating aerial photographs and satellite images into Geographic Information Systems. Raster image maps are formed from digital aerial photographs and satellite images by geo-referencing the images to real world coordinates. Vector data is produced from geo-referenced images by tracing observed features or by applying digital image processing to automatically classify and extract features.

Database records are developed for map features through automated field data collection or by direct database entry. I-Map Data Systems develops custom GIS interfaces that may be used in laptop computers for rapid collection of field data. Various forms of information may be linked to map features. Multi-media information in the form of digital photographs, video files, audio files, drawings, documents, and forms may be associated with map features through links to their corresponding database records.


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