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In 1997 and 1998, I-Map Data Systems worked with TravelNow.com to develop the world’s first travel web site that combined real time hotel room availability, pricing, and reservations along with the ability to select hotels from an interactive map of the United States.

In July of 1999, I-Map Data Systems launched the I-Maps.com website in conjunction with the release of Hotel Finder, an upgraded version of the TravelNow hotel mapping interface. The ability to geographically query a list of hotels using a map interface was another web first. Hotel Finder's database now contains more than 22,000 USA hotels and is still the quickest and easiest way to book a hotel room.

I-Maps spent the remainder of 1999 developing the Outdoor Adventure Guide, the internet's first topographical query engine.   This is also the first mapping utility that combines Earth Resource Mapping's ECW enhanced wavelet compression technology and vector GIS data.   The map features a 6 gigabyte digital elevation model as a backdrop and allows users to query both geographic and topographic features.

The majority of the year 2000 was spent developing a new mapping interface.   This led us to the development of the popup map.   The popup map gave users an eye appealing map utility with numerous new map controls.   The popup map went online in the middle of February, 2001, replacing Travelnow's older mapping interface.

Plans for a comprehensive dining guide and other mapping utilities are in the works. Check back with us often to see our latest achievements.


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